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SuperTrash is a true L.A. it- girl label for independent women with great sense for fashion and style. The brand stands for living a successful life, being sophisticated and exposing yourself as you are. SuperTrash is a combination of outspoken personality and effortless style, never too polished and always arranged into a blend of surprise. The brand was found in L.A., by socialite Ava Rily, a true Hollywood girl, but brought to big European success in cooperation with the Dutch fashion entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen. Today SuperTrash is a well known brand in the contemporary fashion areas all over the world. With a dealer network of 1.000 high boutiques and department stores, SuperTrash has a big power in today's fashion industry. Beginning of 2009, a new era has begun with Olcay Gulsen taking over the worldwide business. SuperTrash may be born in L.A. but it definitely has been raised in Amsterdam!
Heuvelgalerie 182
5611DK Eindhoven
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